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Posted on: June 30, 2009 1:26 am
Ricky Rubio to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe.

Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe.

Free agent to be Marian Gaborik is packing his bags and leaving. Maybe.

With so much up in the air in the Minnesota sports scene, it really depends if your a glass half empty or full kind of guy. I say, fill 'er up.
Even in this time of great uncertainty, one thing is abundantly clear. Minnesota is a player in the national sports landscape. Think back to when our Minnesota Twins wrapped up their second World Series back in 1991. We had to endure the loss of our hockey franchise to of all places Texas.  We watched our Vikings stumble in the playoffs year in and year out, even in 1998 with, at the time, the greatest offense in NFL history. Same with the Wolves, when Kevin Garnett and Stephon Marbury, labeled the next coming of Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, turned out to be just that. I won't even go into the whole Joe Smith debacle, Garnett and Wally Sczerbiak's personal vendetta, and finally Garnett's exile to Celtic glory. Even our lone championship franchise, the Twins, had gone through lean years(ie Alex Cole, Scott Stahowiak, etc.)and subsequently were offered up by one of the wealthiest men in the world for contraction.

You could start to cry at any moment.

Now, in the year 2009, we here in the state of Minnesota have newfound reason to be...curious?

Our Twins survived contraction, became contenders, and somehow got the generous folks of Hennepin County to build a stadium for free. In gratitude, they didn't sell off all of their talented players. We even handed out some record contracts! (Justin Morneau got paid!!) GM Billy Smith, showing a gusto not present during Terry Ryan's tenure as GM wheeled and dealed his way in to our hearts by grabbing us some "5 tool talent" with the acquisitions of Carlos Gomez and Delmon Young. Unfortunately, those deals have left him a little snake bit, and in turn, have prevented us from dealing from a position of strength to acquire help for the middle infield and bullpen. Still, we have about 1/2 a season left, and no one in our division is running away with it yet. Let's not forget, Trade deadline in about a month!

We got a hockey team back, and even though we can't call them "North Stars", by god we love 'em in the state of hockey! Well, to a point. After 8 or so years,(please correct me if I am wrong) we got tired of ol' time hockey(like Eddie Shore, and Jacques Lemaire) and a GM who went through draft picks and tradable veterans like...some thing you throw away.(?!) We went out and got ourselves a fresh, up and coming hockey mind, Chuck Fletcher, and begged him to resign Gaborik! Just Kidding. Maybe. We charged him with bring our hockey up to date with our team name.(What is a Wild?) I don't quite know what he is up to, but with cap space abundant,(roughly in the 10-13 mil range est.)a new coach(former Gopher Todd Richards)and a promise to treat draft picks like a precious jewel, it should at least make for a, dare I say it, a "WILD" ride? Lord knows the one thing he doesn't have to worry about are the ticket sales!(I'm still in the warming house!)

The Timberwolves, and their crazy owner, did the unthinkable by hiring their fourth choice for GM, David Kahn, and he inturn freed us all of the burden of Kevin McHale. You kidding me? Then, the wrath of Kahn strikes at the NBA draft by trading 2 spare parts we had called a backcourt(Mike Miller and Randy "Don't call me Roy" Foye) for the 5th pick and change. Then, as if he sensed it, some how got the draft's most intriguing player, Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio, to fall right into his cold, calculating, evil(maybe not evil) clutches. Then he incured the wrath of every so-called draft expert by subsequently drafting every other point guard on the board. Then further mystifyed the masses by saing he envisioned an all point guard backcourt party in Rubio and fellow draftee Jonny Flynn. Now he's playing a game of cat and mouse with Rubio's agent Dan Fegan, saying Rubio can spend all the time he want's in Spain or elsewhere. Is Kahn trying to force Rubio's hand? Is he trying to up his resale value? I have no idea, but I haven't had this much fun with the Timberwolves since I won an autographed basketball from Mike Brown!!

Brett Favre to the Vikings?! Wha happened?! My only question is if we win a Super Bowl this year(a big "if" mind you) does it count as our first or the Packers...I don't keep track! I'm a Vikings fan dang it! We are a strong team, with potent offensive weapons(Adrian Peterson, but you already knew that) a great pass rush,(provided half of them aren't suspended), and a porous secondary.(what else is new?) Regardless, whatever chances we had or have of postseason glory, they in no way shape or form rest, or even fit on the shoulders of Sage Rosenfels or Tavaris Jackson. Whatever kind of Brett Favre we get, if we get, triples our chances just by default. Most the other pieces are in place, and barring injury(or with this team, insanity) you have to at least take the pretender label off and consider us legit players come Super Bowl time. And hey, If we do well enough, maybe we can get Anoka or Ramsey Counties to foot the bill for a new stadium!

Which leaves me with our final thought. The University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football stadium opens this fall! M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A!
Alright! We got the facility, now we just need a team...

Like I said, pour me a cup...

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